Notes on BrainTechnology Boards

While I've not used this board, I have received the following comments that may be of help (comments have been paraphrased from original emails).

Goetz Bock [bock * blacknet_de], (update October 10, 2002)
The v1.2 board is still missing the resistor for reenumeration (R4, 1k5Ohms, worth 10cent, bug0) but there are two more bugs:

bug1: the serial eeprom has the i2c ID 0, and the EzUSB chip will not recognize it as requiring 2 byte addressing. That will not allow one to install any firmware into the eeprom.

bug2: the i2c eeprom can not be disconnected. That is no problem, because of bug1, but the addressing problem can be fixed by cutting one "wire" and adding another smd resistor (R6: 10k).

Kai of Braintechnologies was quite helpfull. While it took some time to get a response, he offers the following: when specified in the order he will add/move the problematic resistors free of charge. He sent me the missing resistors, but I moved R9 to R4 and reenumeration works. The missing resitor for R6 should arrive tomorrow, then the eeprom will work, too :-).

So ask for the two resistors and you will get a beautifull, small and reasonable priced EzUSB devellopment board from Germany (no additional Tax/Customs for EU users).

Jens Kilian [jjk * acm_org], (update March 06, 2002)
has successfully downloaded the board located here.
Here are the comments from Jens on using the board (I'm including the comments since I have no experience with the board myself and the comments may be a time saver for others):
It's a tiny board without any frills, except for 8K of EEPROM. The producer recommends that it's used with a Windows-based software package (yuck); the labeling on the board is confusing unless you know that (the ports are labeled as "address" and "data" buses, in reality they're just PC and PB of the AN2131SC).

I've successfully used the EZUSB2131 driver to download stuff to the board. There is one major problem: a missing resistor (space provided, but not used) which connects the AN2131's DISCON# line to the USB; as a result, the board can't disconnect, and the "re-numeration" doesn't work. This is not a problem for me (I don't have any other devices on the USB, and I can just "rmmod" the UHCI driver and restart it), but may be a serious PITA to others. I expect that this problem will go away when the AN2131 boots from the EEPROM.

Except for the confusing labels and the DISCON# problem, this is a nice product (tiny, good quality). The price (incl. tax and shipping) was about EUR 80.